3.6 SM 16.2.1 connect issues

Following a scheduled update at 3am through cnmaestro to 2 450 and 2 450i 3ghz ap's and the connected sm's to 16.2.1 to get ready for CBRS. Later that morning we found at least 5 idle sessions on 3 ap's and 15 on the last. and the calls started...  What I found at the first 2 customers was plug in and power cycle, sm boots up and begins CBRS spectrum analysis. It never actually starts so it never finishes and starts normal operation. The SM session status just shows aiming and nothing changes, the SM sits there for hours doing nothing.

I found that overriding the SM and selecting all frequencies and reboot seemed to get it going. a couple others were more difficult and I had to set to factory defaults and reprogram. This was an instant 30+ service calls over the last 3 days because some dropped off later.

To my knowledge this did not affect 450b SM's. The AP's updated had CBRS disabled, We have 1 450m AP and connected SM's running 16.2.1 and CBRS and have not observed this issue.

I have rolled back the SM's to 16.1 on these AP's because we cannot continue having this issue and truck rolls for it.

Anyone else?

CBRS has been a continual problem for us since it has come online. The issue is after the SM boots up it hangs before starting the spectrum analyzer so it never starts transmitting and comes into session and it will sit there until it is told to stop spectrum analysis or the SM is rebooted multiple times.

Issue started in 16.2.1 and is still happening in 21.0

These pictures are from a neighborhood that had a power bump, out of 19 SM’s affected 4 did not come back online, I plugged in and stopped spectrum analysis on a SM and it connected.

That is just this morning, This is a daily/weekly issue.

There are open tickets on the topic already that have been open a long time.

These are from the companies 3.6 CPI personal connection. Note the uptime of the SM.

@RCW-Andrew, sorry for the no response from Cambium on this issue. I was unaware that this was still a problem. I’m not a CBRS expert, but I can try to look into this for you. Would you email me a few eng.cgi from SMs running 21.0 that had this issue?

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Thanks Charlie I will email you.