I noticed in the forum that someone suggested that Motorola is launching 3.65 equipment by the end of the year. Is their some documentation to back this up? I manage a small WISP with both Navini and Canopy equipment and would love to have that option.

I really think that the Canopy 400 units could fit really well in this band.

I “heard” that a Canopy 400 in 3.65 was developed by engineering, and sent to Business/Marketing for Analysis.

The specs on the 400 line are a right fit, GPS sync, small channel size, 20 mbps data rate are what we need in 3.65

I personally think all the 802.16x based stuff is overpriced and perform similar or below the Canopy 400. (802.16 latency is in the 30 ms range)

The only thing that 802.16x has over Canopy is the QOS layer, besides that, Paying over $7k for a 802.16d sector is too much, no to mention $50k and over for 802.16e sector with MIMO and other things that in the end wont provide much value, cause indoor and mobile solutions on 3.65 are a pipe dream… In the end 3.65 would be a great fixed outdoor solution for Wisps …

I know Moto is focused on UL 700 mhz for us WISP’s , and thats great but Canopy in 3.65 could kill all those 802.16x based solutions and solidify Motorola in the WISP industry.

Moto should take a look at it…Pronto!


I know moto wants to stay away from licensed but 3.65 is practically unlicensed anyways.