3 databases on windows for prizm 2.0

According to prizm pdf files says that in order to install this software you are to work with 3 different databases such as postgre, mysql, microsoft sql server 8.0? Why is that? If with Linux server is required only two


You only need 1 database, you get to choose one of the 3. I dont think Microsoft SQL server runs on Linux thats why you only have a choice of 2. I could be wrong .

I know nothing about this… but…

The database doesn’t necessarily have to be hosted on the same box running prism i would think…

Prizm only requires 1 database.

The database can be on a different machine. Prizm needs both JDBC and ODBC drivers to connect to the database.

It didn’t seem to make sense from a configuration perspective to use a Linux Server for Prizm, and a Windows Server for the Database, unless I’m missing something here.

Does MS support a Linux ODBC driver for SQL Server?