3 GHz PMP450m - No power from AUX Port

Cambium has identified an issue with 3GHz PMP450m units where there is no power available on the AUX port. This affects customers who have the intention of powering sync sources such as the cnPulse. For identification of the symptoms of the issue as well as guidance for resolution, please refer to the attached Field Service Bulletin (FSB).
FSB9084 - 3 GHz PMP450m AP - No Power on AUX Port.pdf (647.8 KB)

Have to completely disagree with the Medium severity this is being assigned. This affects nearly 100% of the units we were shipped and basically puts our installation at a standstill. From our testing this is not potentially impacted, it has been 100% impacted for us. We even had multiple towers installed just recently with all of these!

This is a HUGE issue for those of us unlucky to get these units. You have record or distributors do on ALL serial number / MAC addresses shipped and where. I would think it would be in your best interest to get this notification out ASAP! Very disappointed that such a high end product would have so little testing during the manufacturing process that this could happen!

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I agree, this is a high priority and we’re in the same boat of having units we’ve been waiting to RMA for a month now when we’d like to deploy them. I still don’t even understand why they just dont have a gps built into them for the price. Even the $200 ubiquiti aps have a gps vs a $7000 ap.

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