3 Reasons Cambium Networks wants to hear from you.

Identify Areas of Improvement

One of the most important benefits of training session feedback is that this simple protocol will help Cambium Networks Training team to easily identify areas that could be improved during future training classes or eLearning course work. We want to know about your input assessing the training methods, materials, and overall quality of the experience. By collecting this feedback, we will know how to make our training more effective.

Ensure that Business Objectives Are Being Met

A key goal of Cambium Networks Training team is to make sure that all learners have access to the knowledge and skills that they need to install and operate our portfolio of products in the field. When we take the time to collect feedback from our learners, we are able to make sure that our training has met our own key objectives. For example, we are looking to use certain feedback metrics to measure the ways that our training has improved productivity, time management, or other skills.

Demonstrate the Value of the Training

Cambium Networks Training team wants to use your feedback to demonstrate the added value of our training program to our employees, partners and beyond. Your feedback can provide the team with solid data and evidence that will allow us to clearly show the ways that the training has added value to you and your company.

Bradley Schubert

Multimeadia Instriuctional Designer

Cambium Networks