30,60,300mbps backhaul

guys I’ve been reading the user guides for these backhauls Motorola says that they could reach distances of 200km.Has anyone tried to link such a long distance? Is the distance diminished when the link is over water?

I have got a successfull link 2 times on 90km and 75km. There was a clear line of site.
I however tried on 56km, i was not successfull. All investigation made showed that it was a line of site problem.
I’ve then drawn a conclusion that they should be a line of site b/4 the link should work unlike NLOS said on the use guide.
For a distance of 200km i guest it will work provided that you have a CLOS.


At that distance one would need some huge height. The curvature of the Earth at that distance would definately play a big role in CLOS calculations.