300-25L Poor Performance Issues

Occassionally have issues with 300-25L with poor performance (e.g. throughput).

Also other odd interference issues.

I’ve attached 24 hours from cnMaestro.

Swapping the 300-25L to a regular 300-25 immediately resolves the performance issues.

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Hello @jessearcher,

is it something general for your network or for one particular unit?
Which FW?
Please, PM techsupport file when it is in progress!
Thank you!

90% of 300-25L installations are perfectly fine, but 10% or less will have these issues and the quick fix is to replace with a 300-25 - instantly fixed the problem.

I’ll PM you the support files shortly.

I see there is a 4.7.1-acg ‘test firmware’ to help address the 300-25L connection issues. Apparently there is a different antenna pattern and that had to be programmed differently. I wonder if you could try that on one of these problem connections and see it that fixes them up or not?