300 CSM Master; 1000 CSM Slave ePTP Mode 4.5-RC69...Is It Possible?

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Seriously....we have an issue with a 300 CSM ePTP slave mode on a tower. Have a spare 1000 CSM we would like to drop in its place (twist port, so an easy change out) to see if it displays sames issues. Was not sure if these two units are compatible in ePTP mode. Plan to test tomorrow if anyone can help with this question, thanks in advance. 

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How do you get a 300 CSM to do ePTP with 4.4.3 ? Do you have to load a different firmware, configure it and the load 4.4.3 ?    When I try to change a 300 CSM on 4.4.3 to ePTP the frequency changes to  " - "  from whatever I had it on and it tells me the frequency I have selected "isn't available for the current configuration" but when you hit the dropdown there are no frequencies to pick.  

Also 300CSM doesn't have ePTP Slave as option on 4.4.3 (though 1000 ... not sure what a 1000 CSM is but 1000GPS and non-GPS have the option)

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How do you get a 300 CSM to do ePTP with 4.4.3 ?

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I am sorry, juggling manythings. I got the 1000 CSM out and it was loaded with 4.4.3. I had that software in my mind. It will actually be using 4.5-RC69, which is what the 300 CSM master is using. 

Basically needing to know if software is the same (4.5-RC69 in this case), can you mix the 300 CSM and 1000 CSM as an ePTP link. Have an ethernet issue on the 300 CSM slave (that I thought was fixed) and want to see how another radios ethernet (1000 CSM) peforms in same situation. Will give me an idea of which route to go with this link. 

Doesn't look like it.

I just happened to have a 1000 Connectorized (non-gps) , a 300 CSM, and a F300-25 laying on my bench.  I loaded 4.5-RC69 on all three.  When the 300 CSM was set to ePTP the F300-25 could see it (I didn't bother connecting) but the 1000 Connectorized couldn't even see it.  When I set them all to TDD both the F300-25 and the 1000 could see the 300 CSM. 

Edit:  That was using a 40Mhz channel btw, I didn't try 20 and of course 80 isn't an option on 1000.

Interesting things 

(1) When in ePTP Slave mode the F300-25 could see a Tenda AC WiFi Router/AP somewhere (that it can't see in TDD mode)

(2) When changing the modes from ePTP to TDD both the AC radios would tell me they needed reboot while the 1000 did not (however it had to be rebooted to go from ePTP Slave to TDD) .


Good stuff man, thanks.