300 Mbps Backhaul running is a ring loop

We have our radio running in a ring loop (i.e ring consist of 3 hops Cell A to Cell B to Cell C) and have enable rSTP on all 3 of our switches. Question is do I need to enable on both end of the radio links this option :" Drop Ethernet Link On Wireless Link Down". or do i only need to enable one end of the link?

What that option does (which should be obvious) is turns off the Ethernet port of the radio if the wireless link goes down - this allows an administrator to monitor port status to know when the wireless link is lost, just another easy way to monitor things.

With RSTP the switches will “down” the ports that they determine to be “loop” ports. If the BPDU packets aren’t being received on the root ports then the switches will bring the “down” ports back up.


Yes I’m aware of what it does, the question is do I need to enable on both ends of the radio link or do i only need to enable one end of the link?.

Why do you want to enable it at all? What are you using that feature for?


Without enabling this feature the switch doesn’t sense that the link /port is down unlike wire if you pull the cable the port indicates disconnet. Anyway we are using rSTP for redundancy purpose.

What are you using to monitor your switch? Are you simply configuring your switch to send out SNMP traps or using some other way? I use SNMP monitoring on my 60 Mbps BHs and when the wirless link drops that is the OID I use for alarming.

The only problem I can see by doing it your way is that if you lose the wireless link and your near radio drops the wired link you lose access to your radio for troubleshooting.