3000 / 300csm PTMP & PTP GPS Sync?

If I’ve got a 3000 (PTMP) and 300csm (PTP) colocated on the same tower, can the transmission be GPS synced? i.e. potential for PTMP in use on one side of the tower and the same spectrum used for a PTP on the other side?

Unfortunately no. The F300CSM doesn’t support GPS sync.
You need to use different channels for such deployment.

OK but a 3000 in PTMP mode will happily sync with a 3000L in PTP mode?

Yes, the ePMP3000L in TDD PTP mode can be synchronized with ePMP3000.
Note that the same TDD ratio must be used.

So I gotta chime in here… while in practice you can use sync between AP and BH’s, oftentimes it’s not helpful because the ratios are not balanced in directions that favor typical traffic flows… e.g. in PtMP, you typically want a ratio that favors more downlink to uplink, like 75/25… and in PtP you typically want it at a 50/50 ratio. This is helpful if you’re running OSPF or some other route redundancy at a site. Trying to sync with PtMP you end up running the PtP at a 75/25 ratio to match, which means that only 25% of the links BW will be providing downlink bandwidth to the PtMP AP’s, which depending on how much BW the sync’d AP uses, might starve the AP of bandwidth.

I think most operators typically focus on syncing multiple AP’s together using a common ratio but use different ratios to sync multiple BH’s together. I don’t think there’s very many operators syncing both AP’s and BH’s.

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Question, can you use sync for the ptp 550 to use frequency reuse? Or is it more for when you have multiple masters on one tower?

Yes, and yes. The PTP550 supports Cambium Sync via the ethernet port. You can sync this with ePMP and even PxP450. Most operators will sync BH’s with BH’s (multiple masters on one tower as you put it) and AP’s with AP’s.