3000L and Netonix?

3000L won’t start on 24v. Tried 48v and The switch restarted. Now the 3000L appears to be dead (plugged into the POE and the POE light goes out)

Does one know what’s needed to run a 3000L on a Netonix switch ?


Yeah, those can’t do 48v and survive.

You will have to look the PoE pinout on the netonix version you have and the PoE pinout required for 3000L(this may be on the PoE) to see what pins require positive and negative power. Then, adjust your cable accordingly.

Typical 24v 2 pair passive poe is what the 3000l needs. 48v will let the magic smoke out.

She’s dead Jim………………

I killed the very first 3000L we got because it never even occurred to me that an AP wouldn’t be 48v… I mean it’s kind of like being weatherproof, you just assume that it is but then the 3000L at the time didn’t come with cap for the GPS connector on the bottom so we discovered the hard way the radios were not really weather proof either…

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You link to a document that says the “ePMP Connectorized with GPS Sync” can be powered from 23 to 56 volts.

That is the same document that I referenced prior to trying the 3000L on 48 volts… and that appears to be incorrect for the 3000L since mine is now dead.

I’m not sure why Andrii posted that… if you look that post is from 2016 and applies to the e1k/e2k radios… NOT the e3k radios.

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I can confirm that the 3000L is NOT 48v happy!

I can also confirm that you may be able to repair it as there is some protection inside that simply burns up. I killed the matching transformer, a couple diodes and a resistor, replaced the parts and it works and is in system right now. Ours wasnt under warranty whichbis why I was willing to open it.

Cambium, is there fubar coverage available yet?

It’s hilarious that it seems we’ve all burned up a 3000L at some point.

I’m super paranoid now… So does anyone know the pinout for the 3000L to a Netonix ? Is it just swapping 1,2 with 7,8 ???

No need to swap any pairs for the 3000L. Just 24v 2 pair power. Standard is + on 4/5 and - on 7/8.

The radio is polarity agnostic though.

Other than some of the first production run of Force300’s from several years ago – other than that, all the 3000’s and F300s are all polarity agnostic (automatically using either +4/5 or -4/5).

AND - even those first F300’s which were made incorrectly, those will

  1. work properly with the power supplies they were shipped with
  2. will NOT be killed by plugging them into an incorrect power supply… they just won’t power up.

So - ePMP3000 MU-MUMO - are 48v/56v
ePMP3000L & F300-25, 300-19, 300-16, 300-13, & 300c - they are 24v/30v

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its not so funny at the time! I am just glad that I can usually fix these things at my bench.

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just follow the pin out on the PSU that came with it, it will work fine without failure. just make sure you select 30v or less! the 3000L and all F300 radios will work from 11vdc up to 30vdc powered on pins 7/8 & 4/5, DO NOT power pins 1/2 & 3/4.

Haha I killed a epmp3000L by powering it with 48volts from a Netwonix switch too. It also cooks the port on the switch and makes it self reboot randomly from now if you’re lucky ; D

I got the first f300-25 in my country and one killed a port on my netonix and caused it to crash, taking down my backhaul. Thanks Cambium … they used to be reverse poe … some were and some weren’t…

The f300-25 early version was reverse passive poe only, all of the 2nd versions and up are polarity agnostic but all 30v or less.

Same for me 48V goes 3000L to the hell