3000L Random Reboot

Hi all, just had a 3000L reboot on its own and not sure why. I have 2 3000L, x2 400c, Matrix switch and a mikrotik router, all remained steady as she goes but the one rebooted. Just curious if anyone else has seen/experienced this?

I see random reboots of 3000 series APs somewhat regularly. Both the full 3k and the 3kl. No rhyme or reason to it, they just occasionally reboot on their own.

Thank you for your reply. Glad I am not going crazy and it happens to others

We have been experiencing the random reboots for 3 years now and have been working with Cambium Support the whole time. We see it on about 10 APs, all ePMP3000. There have been a few APs that had hardware issues, but overall the issue is not resolved. The last troubleshooting step was to run 4.8-RC11 (4.7.1 was current). We haven’t been running 4.8-RC11 long enough to see the reboots. They usually occur when uptime is between 3 to 6 weeks.

how is the power system built?
we had no end of trouble with the e3k and e3kL when used on AC with or without UPS.
we also had an issue with e3kL and force300CSM rebooting at random if the sync pulse was present on the POE power. Since we use Packetflux injectors, we reached out to them to see if there was a injector problem and they said to disable the sync over power pulse on those ports. has been flawless since.
if you do have a pure DC feed that has very good voltage stability then there are some components that handle the POE separation inside the radio that may have gotten damaged. This is not a DIY repair but it isn’t complicated and can be done if you have rework ability and skills.