30Mb Backhaul Speeds

Hi, we have just received 2 30Mb backhauls and set them up. The thing that worries me is that the highest modulation scheme seems to be 64QAM which gives you 7.43 Mb.
Is this 7.43Mb in both directions and if so this would give a total of about 15Mb. Where is the 30Mb ?
Can you speed them up or have we purchased a product that will only do 15 Mb flat out.

Any help is appreciated

With an excellent link you should be able to get 20Mbps threwput thats 10 up 10 down. The 60Mbps will give you 40Mbps, 150Mbps give you 150, and 300Mbps gives you 300. Download the link estimator tool under software updates and put in your info. Its pretty accurate. If you have connectorized models you can try diffarent antennas in the tool to see what kind of effect it has on the link.

I agree the numbers are a little misleading. Orthogon advertised the radio as a 21Mbps radio. I think there is an option to optimize for latency. If you disable that more speed options become available. The highest option should be 9.8 or something.