30MB backhaul

this is driving me mad…

First time I am using connecterized kit. I have a Cnopy 5.7 link that I need to replace with the 30MB (orthogon) connecterized units.

Its a 15mile LOS link. I am using 5.4GHz band. 3ft dual pole radiowave dishes. I took the units fresh out of the box connected both sides to the V output on the ODU the H is left blank.

Been trying to align for about 5 hours without any look. The units come paired up from factory so in theory I should not need to change anything. I have looked through the config and can’t see anything.

Are those dishes able to handle 5.4GHz? If they are tuned to 5.7GHz you might be fighting an impedance mis-match.

do you get any tone at all?

I am a little confused when you mention that you are using the 5.4 GHz band. If you are using the 30 Mbps Orthogon radios, I am assuming 5.7 GHz.

Like Jerry said, are you using antennas optimized for the 5.4 GHz band?

My mistake- you have 5.4 dishes using 5.7 Orthos

First guess is impedance mis-match on the 5.4 dishes

Also why don’t you have h and v hooked up?

The best and quickest way I have found to set the ortho’s up is.

1. Turn off idfs and set to fixed freq you can use same tx and rx for set up.

2. If you know the distance of the link set the auto ranging to the best match.

3. Make sure installation wizzard is enabled.

4. first try to get the tone to be solid and then the highest pitch. at that point we use a laptop and rx level to fine tune.

If you don’t have a solid tone move one end of the link a little and let it set a min before moving again. Once the link is established you can re-enable idfs and watch her go.

How they work.
If set to factory default. The slave will not start transmitting until the range or distance is found. If idfs is enabled the radio will pick a freq and start auto ranging from the furthest distance to zero, if it does not find the other radio and range it switches to another freq and starts ranging again. If the auto range is set to the max value it can take up to 18 minutes per freq to auto range. If you are moving the dish to frequently you will be fighting yourself. This is why I suggest for setup use a fixed freq so the radio only has one channel to auto range on, and if you know the distance narrow the auto range field down as much as you can. I have found the radio runs better if I let it find the range instead of telling it the target range. You can tell it the target for setup and when everything is tuned you can let it auto range for itself.

just installed a 76mile shot using Gabreal 6ft dual pol on one end and 4ft on other two days ago using this procedure and it was up in no time.

Why do I always have to write a novel?


I am using 5.4GHz ODU’s not 5.7. I will check the dish to make sure they can handle 5.4.

Also I will follow attitudes advice and try to configure them.

The spectrum scan shown the channels ranging between -95 to -85dbm…

Where are you from that you are using 5.4 GHz? I thought that was illegal in the US of A.

What is the value for Max Transmit Power? Can you change it?

I think this is one of my problem… at the moment the Tx max is 4dbm, I need to change the licence key to kick it up a little

This is THE PROBLEM. We bouth 4 BH30, we tryed to replace BH20 with new ones at 2 km, and they didn’t work. With -20dBm we have link at 20 km, 9mbps fdx, 4000 pps.

in addittion to the power issue… .it looks like I have been sent the wrong feeders… they sent me single pole feeders… so now I have to wait for the correct feeders…

Although… Orthagon engineers tell me I should be able to still get the link up… once the rain stops I will give it a bash…

changed the license… started singing like a baby… even with the wrong feed and on a single pole 5MB full duplex (using Gemini lite)