30MHz Channel Bandwidth?

Would be nice to have 30MHz. On regular 100Mbps ethernet, 40MHz is burning spectrum that isn't usable anyway. We've been replacing UBNT Rockets with regular connectorized ePMPs in ePTP mode for the low latency, which doesn't support GPS sync, so we haven't been deploying GPS radios. OK, sure, 2.5ms framing on TDD sync mode wouldn't be too bad, but the 1-2ms in ePTP is more better. So I vote for 30MHz.

Maybe put this in the Ideas area to get the developers attention? As a side note, 30MHz channel widths are being developed for PMP450.

EDIT: 15/30MHz channel width support has been confirmed for 450 and 450i.

only for 450i I think.

Hi George,

I moved this topic to the Your Ideas section so the development team can consider it.