3G/4G offload

I am thinking of starting a Unified WiFi business where i will install saveral APs in public places like Shoping malls, lodges playparks, schools etc. i am thinking of including Telcos for 3/4G offload. we have 3 telcos in my country. Basically there will be two service types, SIM card and non SIM card.

Has anyone ever tried to use the Cambium WiFi platform and how is it working. please contact me on milimo@evendatazambia.com for help on the set up


Cambium WiFi solution can be used for offloading data from mobile networks.

Our APs support splash pages (built-in, as well as interoperable through various partners like Cloud4wi, Purple, Encapto, GoZone, SoConnect, Linkify etc).

We also support Hotspot2.0. For the data side of things we do local bridging, where a carrier needs aggregation we support L2oGRE and can tunnel the traffic to any standard GRE concentrator.

We support EAP-SIM/EAP-AKA either with regular WPA2-Enterprise or with Hotspot 2.0 (passpoint). It does require a connection to the carrier core network (to the 3GPP AAA server).