3Gbps link. How to get this capacity on a 11GHz link.

Hi All, I need to design a link that supports 3Gbps FD in the 11GHz band. I am able to get 2Gbps on a 4+0 XPIC@80Mhz channels and I am wondeirng if I could add anoter 2 XPC 80Mhz channles into the same system (using the same antennas)? If so, what would be the branching losses and how can that be entered into LINKPLanner for availability calculations and BOM creation?

Thank you!

Here are the questions you must answer:

* Can I get enough 80 MHz channels?

* All radios sharing the same antenna interface must be in the same subband. Is the subband wide enough to support all of the channels that I plan to use?

* Can I do this with remote mounts? (Do I need direct mount?)

* What are my availability requirements? (All of the mediation device loss and flexible waveguide loss reduces availability!)

I hope this helps!