3GHz 450m and LTE

I've heard that the 450m in 3GHz will work in regular 450 mode and also have LTE capability. It's crucial to know any details about how this might work as early as possible so we can make some budgeting decisions.

Might the unit be able to do PMP450 protocol with LTE protocol simultaneously?

Essentially I'm curious if any installed, standard 3.65 SMs, will be continue to function once the AP is doing LTE, or will we need to replace all SMs with LTE capable ones, when we shift the AP into LTE mode.

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We have designed the 450m in 3 GHz with the future in mind.  Because we are Software-defined, we are targeting the capability to operate as LTE.  This is a statement of our intent and is looking a bit far into the future, so these statements are obviously subject to change, and there is not yet a guarantee that we can make this work.

That said, our intent is to allow the cnMedusa product (3 GHz 450m) to operate as a 450 platform device today, providing the most sector capacity and best spectral efficiency of anything available in the CBRS band.  Then, at some point in the future, this radio will operate as the cnRanger RRH (when paired with our BBU) in 3 GHz, and communicate to LTE Subscribers.  Ideally, there could be a sort of simultaneous operation of both 450 and LTE protocols, but this is only a concept at this stage.  It is something we are definitely exploring, as it presents a "migration bridge" between platforms that we believe would be extremely attractive to many of our customers.

While nothing is as yet concrete, I hope this gives a view to our vision of what Cambium might be capable of in this area.


Question, Webinar stated "Better than LTE" however are not only using 3Ghz LTE for performance as with most WISP's the main purpose behind it is for NLOS performance. It can hold high modulation levels at extremely low signals, just all around performs better, not to mention TX at 30db accross all modulation levels. With WiFI, the TX power dropped significantly as the MCS rates increased. You also needed a very STRONG SNR to achieve 1/2 the capacity. With LTE, it just performs much better.

Is PMP similar?

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