3GHz CPE Spec Questions

Reviewing the datasheet, I am curious…Are these 4x4 or 2x2 Mimo?

Category 6 LTE implies Carrier Aggregation features, but is vague on the Mimo chains. Cat 6 can be either 2x2 or 4x4 from what I’ve read.

As for the Carrier Aggregation, can the two carriers be in separate parts of the spectrum, or must the carriers be adjacent? I often see this spec on the eNB, but curious what the general practice is on the CPE side.


This device is a Category 6 UE, and is a 2x1 radio. That is, 2 Rx chains, and 1 Tx chain.

It is capable of 2CA or 2 Carrier Aggregation of disaggregated channels. This will be implemented on the Cambium 3 GHz solution in the near future (obviously after the 3 GHz RRH is released, which is expected in just over a month or so). However, this feature does work with other LTE-based equipment that supports it today.