3ghz EPMP options

noticed this mentioned a few times around the forum, and Todd recently asked as well, so i'll toss it here too. 

I'd love to see a 3ghz epmp variant!    

we've got plenty of old 320 gear, and the 450 is awesome, but doesn't meet our cost needs for that replacement.    the EPMP is on point, even if its 20% higher cost.  

This would be really handy for synced PTP options in nlos areas the 5ghz can't do, and isn't enough room on 2.4 

900mhz would also be nice!

There aren't any off-the-shelf 3GHz wifi chipsets. And if they were to do what Ubiquiti did with the M365 (5GHz>3GHz frequency converter), forget it. The UBNT M365 sucks. I'm quite sure Cambium could do it better, but they already have a 3GHz product.

ubiquity M everything sucks. cambiums fixed everything they halfway got right. 

we've got some M365 stuff we played with. worked just as well as the 2.4 or 5ghz M series stuff did.   coband problems and all.       gps sync would make low cost 3.65 gear, even if stuck in the same 25 mhz space worth using again.    would be able to run 4 APs in the same 25 mhz space instead of just 1 ap regardless of channel width. 

Yes - adding a Up/Down converter to a 5Ghz ePMP could make a nice PTP soution.  Like a Force110 kinda kit, but with the addition of up/down converters to make them 3.x over the air.

AND - there are good working 5-3.x converter chips out there.  DBii has a MiniPCI ''802.11n'' card that has an integrated converter in it already, for the $50-$60 price range.  Maybe DBii would be interested in licensing that converter chip to Cambium?  That 'should' mean that there would be very little design or development budget, and have a good PTP SYNC'd backhaul solution.


this is not currently iin the roadmap, but we are always looking at new frequencies for the product line