3GHz OMNI Antenna for PMP450 SM

Has anybody tried to used an omni directional antenna connected to a PMP450 SM (3GHz)?  I basically have an AP cluster within close proximity 0.25-1.0 miles LOS to a trailer that moves randomly within the area for periods of time.  The goal is to have an omni antenna on the trailer so that once the trailer parks within range and sets up shop near the AP's there is no aiming required to establish a connection.

If anybody has experience or suggestions on antenna configuration for this scenario, please let me know.


That's an interesting application. I haven't heard of anyone with an omni-directional SM, but perhaps someone can share a clevel way to have connectivity on a vehicle that operates in a fixed area.

I dont know about PMP 450 at 3 GHz, but some time back, Cascade Networks in the Pacific Northwest performed a trial of a similar scenario with a PMP 100 AP with a Cyclone antenna on a flag pole  at his dock (photo 1) and an omnidirectional PMP 100 SM on the boat (photo 2). Nice pier...nice boat.

You may want to give them a call.

Anyone have other stories to share?