3KL GPS issue on 4.5.4 official

Unfortunately, we have identified an issue in the 4.5.4 official release that has made GPS acquisition a bigger problem on the e3KL line. It seems to be happening more frequently. We apologize and are working on a hot fix that will result in 4.5.5 release shortly. As much beta and internal testing we have done, this was not reported during the phase and unfortunately made it into the official release.


Pretty sure the L in 3000L stands for “Loss of Sync”…


Sakid, if I understood the answers to my questions correctly… I was told that there were no GPS changes between 4.5 and 4.5.4

I also asked (reported? checked?) that the word “GPS” wasn’t anywhere in the release notes at all.

Now you are saying:

  1. There actually was GPS changes (which made things even worse) which were not listed in the release notes, and…
  2. you’re saying that no one reported it…

How were we supposed to report GPS issues, when lots of us have the GPS turned off? And we were told there were no GPS changes (so - still broken) in 4.5.4. What exactly were we supposed to report?

Are we are supposed to report everything that you haven’t fixed/changed?

Hello. I am in the same boat here. I am not able to use the 3000L with the GPS. Now I have units with 0 GPS, but after 30 sec they got 10 satellites. Other are 19 visible and 19 tracked, but GPS sync is not received… and cpes are offline… Which is the best AP’s firmware to put to be stable?

I’m not aware of a working firmware.

What we have been doing is turning GPS off, and internally generating sync instead. That (of course) means no sync with other APs, and means no frequency reuse - so every co-located AP will have to have its own channel.

Of course, some people are having ok GPS results (I was for a while) and some say that firmware 4.4.3 is less broken.

thank you. I will try now 4.4.3 on the AP 3000L and 4.5.4 on the STA.

Same problem here on 4.5.4, satellites tracked 13, visible 20. GPS Sync Down. Got 5x 3000L on a tower and at the time of writing this GPS Sync Down on 3/5 of them. Earlier this afternoon they all had GPS sync.

We’re seeing the same issue. One of four 3KL lost GPS sync even though it’s tracking 15+ satellites. We had to move it to Internal sync with no gps to get subs back online.

Please work on this ASAP. Running 4.5.4

Thank you

This is incredible…
adjust one and distrupt other!!

it’s indecent!!

We have a private build we can share with you offline that addresses this issue. We are desperately looking for some validation from the field. These things happen and we apologize and this time around we are trying to make sure nothing else breaks.


Would you be interested in trying out a fix?

Yes, you can sent me in PV msg.

thank you

Same here add me to the list of beta I run 3kL

Just sent it via the community private message.

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Yes, please send to me

Currently I am using the 4.4.3 on EPMP3000L as a temporary measure to let the gps work.
@Sakid_Ahmed Can you send me privately the build for GPS and please also the list of fixes related to GPS in this private build?
thank you

Me too please. 3 Aps with Sync down…


GPS work fine after 20h 4.5.5b

Sync back up after installing the hotfix.!

Could I get the beta fix as well?