3rd party PTP Antennae

Hello, could you please (re)add support for 3rd party parabolic dishes on PTP670?

If I plan a PTP link with PTP650 (retired) on the drop down menu of the antenna selection are listed also RFS, MTI, Faini, RadioWaves.

While simulating a PTP670 only generic "Cambium Networks" dishes appears.

thank you,

Hi Sandro,

Our policy for new products is to simplify the antenna list and only show the antennas provided by Cambium, however you can still add your own antennas by selecting the “Other” option at the top of the antenna list and then completing the User defined antenna form. This will mean that you only have 3rd party antennas which are relevant to you.

In the PTP (or SM) Antennas list (under Project Configuration), you can also make a copy of any of the existing antennas by selecting the antenna and then choosing the Edit option.

If you have antennas you regularly use on multiple projects, set them up in a blank project and then save that project as your project template to have them available on all new projects.



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