4.1-r3 and client list on cnMaestro


We just upgraded a few APs to 4.1-r3 version. We noticed that clients on cnMaestro are not shown correctly anymore. Client’s name is now shown like: “NA”, before upgrade it was shown as it should be. The same is shown if we open clients details. It happens for different types of devies (Apple, Andoid, Huawei Android phone,…).
We are using cnMaestro cloud Version 2.4.1-r33

Any idea?


which, AP model we are using?

We are using e600.


did, quick validation on our ap e600 managed from Cloud cnMaestro. We don’t see the issue. Will it be possible for you to invite me to your cloud account. channareddy.ireddy@cambiumnetworks.com


are we still seeing the issue? can you share us ap techdump

Sorry I was out of the office. Yes we are still seeing the issue, I just added you into cnMaestro account. You can check during the day when there will be more users connected.


yes, i can see the issue. for few clients host name is not getting updated. per your observation it was working in 3.11.4-r9 previously. we are looking into it.

For sure it was working on 3.11.4-r9, can’t confirm if it was working on - I did another upgrade (to 4.1-r3) immediately after comming back online from first upgrade, to reduce downtime for clients.


Hi i have the same problem with e430 and 425 models in version 4.2.1-r12 could us help me @cireddy

Some clients do not share this information to the AP. Whether client is sending the information or not can be verified from cnMaestro by running “show wireless clients” in Tools>Remote CLI option. Can you please share the o/p of the command here…

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