4.32 GHz Channel Width?

Hi everyone,
originally it was said last year that the 4.32 GHz Channel Width is planned in spring 2022.
Is there any new information on this?
Would really use the higher bandwidth in a current setup… :slight_smile:
Thank you, best regards from Tyrol

I have been wondering the same.

I am looking for options for a multi gig ptp link over ~300m and due to cnWave only supporting 1.9gbps agg I am thinking I’ll need to go for the Ubiquiti AF60-HD instead

cnWave with bonding would be my preferred option but I have no idea when/if this will launch

anyone from Cambium alive in here? :thinking:

After several months it would be nice to at least get some kind of answer … and if it’s a “it will still take an undeterminable amount of time to implement this promised feature into our products” …

@Andreas_Schnederle-W - We have completed approval for FCC and ETSI on the V3000 with CB2. This will be released in 1.2.2 coming later this month.

Initially this will enhance PTP performance with support on the other platform coming later.

Results are promising with Layer 2 support capable of hitting 2.7Gbps in each direction.


@Connor_Milligan1 - I’m not understanding the 1.9Gbps aggregate number, clearly it depends on the length of the link but the V3000 is capable of upto 1.8Gbps in each direction.

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Hello @Antony,

Connor is discussing channel bonding, in which the V5000 is rated for 1.9Gbps uplink and downlink per sector. However, it’s expected this to increase to 2.4Gbps U+D for Sectors 1 and 2.7 Gbps U+D for Sectors 2.

He’d like an estimated date on when this will happen, so he’ll be able to select a product for his valued customers accurately.

Having 5.1Gbps Bandwidth is quite a compelling and market-leading product in the Terragraph 802.11.ay market.

The original question was for PTP and the V3000. We are looking to release a Beta this week for the V3000 and the full release will follow closely (we are looking for quick feedback).

The V5000 release for CB2 is coming later, to utilise CB2 you need to support this on both DNs and CNs and we are working with the regulatory bodies to approve all the platforms.

We are also looking to improve the packet handling in this release to not only handle the >10Gbps aggregate but the increase in throughput on the V1000 and V2000 (latest 49dBi EIRP radio with beam steering).


Hello Antony,
thank you for your Feedback. How is the Status for PTP V5000 <-> V3000, 1 V3000 per Sector.
thx, bye from Austria