4.4.2-r2 issues

We seem to have had a number of routers become unable to talk on the WAN/Bricked when upgrading to 4.4.2-r2

All was working well until we processed the upgrade in firmware.. Factory reset etc makes no difference..

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Hi Jason,

Which device model are you using ?

What is the state of the LEDs after power up ?

What version were you running before ? 

How did you upgrade ? Was there any power disruption during upgrade ?


R200p mainly have this issue.

All LEDS off when no lan plugged in.

Lan light does come un when computer plugged in.

Not 100% sure.. a mixture i am guessing.

CNmaestro. No way to tell re power but completed early morning so probably not and with the amount of units ie more than 30 now that have done exactly the same thing i dare so no it was not a power issue.