4.5 issues

4.5 has resolved some display issues from the 4.5 Beta's. For example, the time zones in the throughput graphs are now finally correct  - but there are still incorrect/broken display information. 

Here is a graph showing a client with incorrect throughput.

Here is the same client after me logging out of the gui and back in.  He's on a 60 Mbit plan, so this looks correct now, but the above graph display is messed up.

So, the first graph is looking at his ''minutes'' and the second is looking at his ''hours'' graphs.  The first graph is calculated incorrectly - - it's taken his 'hours'' data usage and then figured it was done in ''minutes'' and it looks like it's 60x higher than it should be, I guess?



Thanks for reporting this issue. We will take a look into this.


@Dmitry Moiseev wrote:

Hi, Thanks for reporting this issue. We will take a look into this.

Thank you, I apprecate that.  Just to be clear, this doesn't happen all the time.  If I was switching around from sec / min / hrs, it would work correctly several times, and then eventually get confused and display the graph/information from one time scale, and display that info in the incorrect time scale... and then do the math 60x wrong because of that.

Not to digress - but of course, as others have reported in the GUI feedback threads, there are LOTS of things in the GUI which are cached, or out of date, or incorrect. We also often are logging out and back in (or doing a CTRL-F5) just to double check if the info is real or not.

So thank you for looking into this. Again, this Throughput Graph time/calculation isn't really ''replicatable'' every time - but it does happen more often than other GUI weirdness.

Not trying to hijack thread, just keeping 4.5 issues in same thread...

We have a network wide install file we use in our SM's. This weekend I installed 4.5 in some F300-25's to be installed this week, along with our install file. Install guys called today and said they could not get signal (none at all) at a customers house. I knew signal should have been somewhere in the 60's because I took a drone up for survey and could clearly see the tower at height they were installing at. I rode out to make sure they were in correct tree and installing correctly. They were doing everything correctly and still nothing showed up in the "Wireless" table. I looked at the "Radio Configuration" tab and -all- frequencies were selected at 20Mhz, which is not correct for us. BUT, with all frequencies selected, we -should- have picked up our AP. I decided to lock down just the freq of the AP we were trying for. In less than 10 seconds after hitting "Apply" the AP in question popped up in "Wireless" table at a -74. With some fine tuning they were able to get it to a -61.

Moral of the story is 4.5 played with our scan list and caused this SM in question to not see the AP, even though freq was in the scan list the SM generated. I know the install config was installed because 1) I personally installed it and 2) SM connected to AP, so that means the WPA2 key was correct. Other parmeters only in our install file was present as well. 


1) Sometimes elevated sxt SM @ 4.5 need power off/on to connect if I make frequency change or restart AP. 

2) One 3000L @ 4.5 AP after reebot show much better jitter too SM ( almost no traffic before restart)