- new software in cnMaestro

We have new software ?
And first time all the software are available in the cnMaestro :slight_smile:
Will be some official release ?

We will post one of the latest RCs in cnMaestro very soon . Please wait till then. has been released officially a few weeks ago.

We are posting 4.6.1 Beta shortly.

Thank you.

But today my Hub360 was upgraded to and still working :slight_smile:

1 Like was never released for cnVision and may have potential issues.
Today, we have released 4.6.1-RC14 as a beta, which can be downloaded from our support site. We will correct the versions on cnMaestro shortly.
Thank you.

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Still working :slight_smile:

There is no new beta in support site.

We are talking about cnVision and there is new beta on download site :slight_smile:

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Thank you, @PFR

I tought you were talking about epmp’s software.

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a few days ago my engineer saw in cnmaestro that it is possible to upload for cnVision and he uploaded it! Amazingly, everything works :slight_smile:

Hub was yesterday successfully upgraded to 4.6.1-rc14. Everything work fine :slight_smile: