upgrade not upgrading gps firmware

As title says, I have upgraded two new ePMP1000 5GHz Connectorized Radio with Sync to My understanding from this post, GPS Firmware AXN_5.1._8174 , is that the bundle should include the GPS firmware. However it is not. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello @Matt_Allen,
could you tell me which GPS FW version is there now?
Depending on GPS chip version there can be different FW and version accordingly.

Also you can PM me a techsupport file from the radio. I can take a look at all together.

There is GPS firmware bundled with the firmware as a package, first you must update the radio, then it will tell you if your GPS chip has an available gps update and will provide a way to update it.

Which gps firmware on which radio exactly, need the hardware ID not the mac or serial number.