4.8.3 error when loading project file

I am getting an error when trying to load my prokejt files....

Unable to Load netwok.ptpprj

238 is not a vaild max registrations allowed for this configuration

any ideas other then reverting back to previous release.

Can you please send me your LINKPlanner file and I'll try to correct it for you?


This bug affects projects using PMP 450i or 450m with 30 MHz bandwidth (unless all the SMs are 450i).

It is related to the way LINKPlanner configures the max VC limit of 119 for 30 MHz on the 450 based products.

We are working on a fix.

If you send me your file, here's what I will do with it:

(This works if you have fewer than 119 subscribers on your sectors.)

I will open the project file in 4.8.2 (or earlier), change the bandwidth from 30 MHz, save the file, open in 4.8.3, change the Max Registrations Allowed to a value less than or equal to 119 and then change the bandwidth back to 30 MHz.

Then I'll mail it back to you!

I hope this helps!


Thanks David

I don't belive i am using the 30mhz channel... 

and i am using all 450i's

You are right!

Your file had 20 MHz channels and PMP 450i.

I tried the workaround above, and it didn't work.

Here's what did work: Using 4.8.2, I changed the bands to 5.8 GHz, and then I changed all the products to PMP 450.

Then, using 4.8.3, I was able to open the file.

I changed the products back to PMP 450i, and then I changed the bands back to what they were.

Please review the file, and please let me know if you have more files for me to "fix".

I will let you know when a fix is available.

Thank you for your patience!