40Mhz External Frecuency Bus

"FPGA Version 051104 (Single, 40MHz ExtBus, DES, Type0)"

Can I change this to 20 Mhz on the 5.2 Ghz AP and SM?

for a long time I have had two links on the 5.2 frecuency without the CMM, one running at 5275 and the other one at 5325. They worked fine until somebody else wants to put a third link on the same frecuency. Well, his link and one of mine is not working due to interference, the other one of mine is working fine. Bandwidth is not a problem, so I will be willing to reduce the frecuency channel used from 40 Mhz to 20 or 25, which will allow us to use the three channels at the same time without interference. Is this posible?

Of course, adquiring a CMM will solve this problem, but money is an issue here.


The Canopy 5.2GHz model already uses a 20MHz channel; the 5275, 5300, and 5325 settings result in 3 non-interfering, 25MHz-wide channels. The 40MHz on the FPGA is likely the chip’s bus speed on the circuit board inside the Canopy unit; this spec would have no bearing on the RF side.

Even non-interfering channels, however, have the potential to disrupt one another due to receiver de-sensing. You need to either do as Motorola recommends and install CMMs, or separate the co-located APs with either distance or material.

Good luck!