430 Warning Updates

Frequently get this waring.

"Updating PMP APs to 16.1 or higher versions will cause any connected 430 SMs to be disconnected permanently. Are you sure you want to perform the update?"

Is there a way to eliminate it since I have nothing with less then 16.1 on it?

Also, when changing the name of an AP etc in cnMaestro how about a warning that this will cause a reboot?  I am not sure WHY changing the name in cnMaestro causes a reboot but its sure annoying when it happens.

Hi ,

Thanks for bringing this up. We will track your feedback through internal jira and will try to fix the warning messages in the upcoming releases of cnMaestro.

Regarding the device reboot during PMP name change from cnMaestro. The descision for reboot is made by the device and cnMaestro does not have anything to do with the same. Any parameter which requires reboot even when changed from device GUI directly will require a reboot when changed from cnMaestro too and the decision is taken by device when the configuration push happens from cnMaestro.