450 & 450i GPS Sync options?

I'd like to start of this post asking that you excuse any ignorance in the question that I'm about to pose. We're quite new to the PMP450 line of equipment still and while I've done some reading, there are still quite a few unknowns.

We have a tower with 3 PMP 450 3.65 AP's on 90 degree Cambium antennas. We recently added a 4th to give us 360 coverage, however it is a PMP450i.

We had been using the built in GPS Sync with fair success despite it's negative reviews and other people having issues. The new 450i obviously does not have this built in sync capability & we cannot turn it on until it does. 

What is our most cost effective option to get all four of these on the same sync pulse?

I've read some on UGPS, Packet Flux, etc. Just not positive if there's something that we can connect to the 450i's and the old 450's. 

Thanks, Zack


Cambium Networks recommended solution for powering and syncrhonizing a tower site with multiple APs is the CMM5.  You can learn more about it at http://www.cambiumnetworks.com/products/wireless-network%20components/cmm5/



Packetflux works well for us. You can daisy chain multiple units together so you can have one for 450i and one for 450 using the same gps antenna.

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Lowest cost option using cambium equipment woudl be to place two uGPS's since one can supply a pulse to two radios.  The CMM5 is an option, but since you have a mix of 450 and 450i it's going to run you around $3000 for all four pieces.  (uGPS, Controller, 24VDC injector, -48VDC injector)

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The PacketFlux PowerInjector+Sync has dual voltage rails. You can run your three 450 APs at 24VDC on say PwrA and your one 450-i AP on PwrB at 48VDC. There are simply internal jumpers for each port on the board to select the A/B rail and also the PoE pinout. It's extremely simple and cost effective. I'm doing this now at a handful of sites where we've had to upgrade 450 to 450-i APs for better performance.