450 5.7 AP in 30 MHz Channel??

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We are currently running a 450 5.7 GHz APin a 20 MHz Channel with 62 Users on a Single AP getting a maximum of about 60Mb of capacity on it during peak times.  I was wondering if their are any operators out there that have been successfully running this particular AP in a 30Mhz Channel?  

If yes....I was wondering what kind of capacity you were realizing in a 30Mhz Channel.

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Scott Pope

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Arbuckle  Communications


We are running a few sectors in 30mhz. The issue we found is the packets per second processing power of older 450 ap vs newer 450i. On the older 450 we saw about 20% increase in performance where on the 450i we saw almost 50%.

My suggestion if your running 450 ap would be to consider switching to a 450i or 450m. The 450m we’ve seen > 110 mbits on a 20mhz channel but obviously at a cost of $$$. A 450i may be a better value and if nothing else enabling 30mhz on existing 450 and be aware of packet per second limit of cpu.

Don’t forget to enable 30mhz channels on your sm too, we had our first rollout where we missed a few sm and didn’t catch it for a few hours. Had to reboot back to 20mhz on ap get sm back then set them to 30mhz.



Thanks for the response Tim.  I was going to suggest the move toward 450i also. Larger channels will be supported more effectively with 450i hardware.

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We run 30MHz on 450i on our less noisy sites.

Generally see throughput in and around the 100Mbps mark.

This is with 50+ SM's of varying signal quality.

450m on a 20MHz channel is giving us close to 140Mbps with 80+ SM's.

Looking forward to testing these on 30MHz to see what we can push them to.

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