450 5.8 software

what is the current recommended stable (safe) version for 450 5.8?






I am sure this is directed at the user community, and not myself... however, our feeling here at Cambium is that (for PMP 450) the latest software is by far the best.



:-) thanks Matt.

And yes I am intersted to see what users think.

I've noticed quite a few times  in the forum when someone will post a question about strange issues and once you start asking questions and troubleshooting with them, you'll find that they're using some really old firmware rev OR they're using different firmware revisions on both the AP and SM. I've found that using the same firmware on both AP and SM results in best stability. What we typically do is roll out beta firmware builds to a small sector where the clients know what's going on, and we see what works. Once the beta firmware is out of release, we typically wait a week or two for any issues to come up in the forum. If there are no major issues, we'll roll out to the entire network, typically on a Sunday night and we advise support staff of the udpate so if there are issues monday morning, so they know what's going on.

That being said, we're using 14.1.1 on a mix of 2.4, 3.65, and 5ghz AP's and about 1000 SM's and it's been a very smooth roll out... no issues to report whatsoever.

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