450 b install and IP configure

I am installing and configuring 450b SM using CBRS

Using CnArcher, I got to the point where SM picked the AP, but the next step of registration (seemingly with CBRS) doesn’t seem to finish, do I have to take additional steps using CnMaestro?

Secondly , I have my networking confirmed with DHCP both with IPv4 and IPv6
Does that mean I still have to configure the SM on A static IPv4? Or the IP address will be picked up ?

I haven’t seen yet but does the SM allow configuration in bridge mode ?

Have you added the SM (CBSD) in cnMaestro CBSD manager? You’ll need to do that first, and then make sure it’s SAS grant status says “Authorized” and is green.


Hi Eric
Thank you very much for timely reply

I followed these instructions of onboarding first using CnMaestro and got the SM authorized

I then used CnArcher and followed on - screen instructions and SM is indeed registered

Of course it’s using the default IP still, I still need to work on getting this SM use the DHCP configured on my RB4011 and fetch dynamic IP

Any help is appreciated


PMP450 SM’s support bridge mode and NAT/routed mode. Both modes can get their mgmt or WAN IP address via DHCP. If you want to configure bridge mode, then make sure NAT is set to disabled on the NAT tab. Then, from the IP tab, you can setup a static IP address, or request an IP via DHCP.

Hi Eric
Many thanks
I think I ran into some issue and couldn’t login to the SM, does factory reset mean I have to start all over again with on-boarding ?

No… resetting to factory defaults will only reset the radio data. If the radio was onboarded into cnMaestro and the CBSD manager, those entries will still be there.

Hi Eric
Thanks a lot
The factory reboot works, but CnArcher doesn’t seem to connect to CnMaestro to register the SM

Should the SM be deleted and onboarded again?

Login to the SM and double check your cnMaestro settings. Re-enter them in.

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Hi Eric
I am at second site now.

I have same issue when its stuck at connecting to cnmeastro

in CnMeastro, I have the device Onboarded with status
“Waiting for Device”

in CBRS window, the device is offline but CBRS state is “Granted” (in orange)

the Cnmeastro URL in the SM is
cloud.cambiumnetworks.com with ID: