450 MIBs

Does anyone have the MIBS for the protocol filtering portion of the 450’s? They’re different than the 100 MIBS, and we didn’t see them when we did a snmpwalk.

The MIBs have been updated for PMP 450 and are available at the software site:

http://www.cambiumnetworks.com/support/ … tag=pmp450

I need MIB OIDs for PMP 450 and the link provided is not owkring for me. Please advise alternate sitre for download asap.


The MIB's are bundled with the 13.4 firmware HERE. Or if you're using 450i, you can find the MIB's HERE.

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I need latest MIB OID libraries for the following;
1. PMP450 Firmware CANOPY 13.4 AP-DES
2. PMP430 Fimrware CANOPY 13.1.2 AP-DES

Download MIMO PMP450 ZIP file (the first one)


And 430 is here


Hi Andrew,

Have attached the requested MIB files here for you.


Vijay Gnanamurtthi.