450 MicroPop and 4.9 Ghz PSB (Canada)


I’m looking for a cost effective solution to provide ROIP services for our Fire Department using the 4.9Ghz PSB, within 2 miles of a tower.

Based on LinkPlanner it looks like the ePMP3000 line is capable, but not supported (or certified) in Canada. It looks like the 450 MicroPop would fit the bill, with either the omni 8dBi or sector 14dBi. However, when I look at the 450 MicroPop datasheet I see only the omni providing 4.9Ghz patterns (even though at the very top of the sheet I see 4.9 - 5.925 Ghz).

Does the MicroPop Sector not support 4.9 Ghz, or is the pattern data is incomplete? If it does indeed support the PSB then I would expect a bit less dBi at 4.9 Ghz (there usually is), but I’m guessing it would be much better than the omni. If it doesn’t support the PSB then I’d humbly suggest changing the datasheet (dated 08192020) with a caveat saying “Omni Only” at the top.

And a followup question: Will the MicroPop “onboard GPS sync” play nice with other 450 radio’s on the same tower that are sync’d with CMM or cnPulse?

Thank you kindly.