450 Platform Series Release 16.1.1 is now available

450 Platform Series Release 16.1.1 is now available.

It can be downloaded at: https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/pmp450/ and is available on cnMaestro cloud.

All customers running 16.1 are encouraged to update to 16.1.1.

16.1.1 is a maintenance release on 16.1 with enhancements and bug fixes and with 1 new feature - NAT Port Forwarding, replacing NAT Port Mapping. 

Some of the changes include:

  • Increased the allowed setting for 450m 3 GHz only EIRP by 1 dB for ROW regions.
  • Updates to data channel priority section of the SM’s QoS screen to make it less confusing.
  • Occasional stuck sessions on 450m sectors when operating with proportional scheduler.
  • Fixed issue where unable to save the Remote Device Type to PMP/PTP 100 option.
  • Fixed issue where SMs with NAT and SM Isolation on AP are unable to ping each other.
  • Fixed issue on PTP with Bridging Disabled, device could not be accessed by the default IP address.
  • Removed Remote Device Type option on AP/BHM as this was not functioning properly.
  • Removed backup configuration file stored when a cnMaestro configuration is pushed as this was causing issues like 450 SMs losing their configuration and calibration data.
  • Routers at some customers sites (behind SM’s) failed to retrieve IP from DHCP server correctly when DHCP OFFER is sent as broadcast.
  • Fixed issue of 3.6 GHz 450 AP resetting due to FatalError of SYNC Queue overflowing.
  • When changing AP’s alternate frequency from none to a valid value, 3 GHz AP was changing frequency to alternate with primary transmission still active.
  • Syslog messages was not sending when message size > 1500.
  • AP was unable to run spectrum analyzer when set to autosync and no sync is present.
  • Unsupported frequency band message in the event logs on PMP 450m AP at 5.1 and 5.2 GHz.
  • SM was not reconnecting to AP after LBT event unless AP rebooted or Idle sessions cleared.
  • A very few 450i/450b SMs having “Bandwidth PLL lock lost” and being unable to register to AP on 20 and 30 MHz after upgrade to 16.1.
  • Added GUI Red warning text to SNMP.
  • Occasional false positive of 450 radios was showing “Bandwidth PLL lock Lost” but operating normally.
  • Encryption was reset from “AES” to “None” after upgrading to 16.1. Issue happens on PMP 450m without SFP key only.
  • SM’s were unable to register due to “Used VC database overflow”.
  • AP was sending SNMPv2 radio status alarm event trap when configured for SNMPv3.
  • SM/BHS: “encryption config” OID responding with out of range value of 2.

And several others mentioned in the release notes.