450 SM not responding to pings when in NAT mode

Just like the title says: these units won't respond to pings from powercode when configured as NAT.  When set as a bridge, everything is flawless.  All the units in the field are running 13.2.1.

The SM is not accessible via IP, but I can reach it from the AP.  Is there a filter setting that I need to disable when using NAT?

I could only find this thread when looking for similar issues: http://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/PMP-450/PMP-450-Not-Responding-to-Ping-but-still-connected/m-p/39481/highlight/true#M607

Just make sure following are enabled

under NAT tab their is option

  • Enable Reply to Ping on WAN interface
  • Remote Management interface is Enabled and using WAN or Remote Managment interface(if configured).

Please try 14.1.2 release , we fixed similar issue there.

Excellent.  That was exactly what I needed.  Many thanks.

I noticed that enabling NAT seems to disable the 0a:00 interface, and instead uses 2a:00, and 3a:00.  The IP assigned to the 3a interface is used for remote access, and the address on 2a looks like the WAN facing one.