We are now using the 450B's in our service area and have noticed a huge difference between the uplink and downlink signals. For example downlink signal shows -57 and uplink shows -68. Most signals are not that good and usually are more in the mid -60s to mid -70s for the downlink. This causes a HUGE problem because the uplink signals now are almost always 10dBm higher which causes horrible links in the sm and massive sessioning. This issue happens whether it is 5.1, 5.2, 5.4 or 5.7 and we use 20mhz and 30mhz channels only.... Anyone else ran into this issue or have a fix? Our 450 AP's have also been throwing a ton of scheduler errors here lately too. Firmware is the 16.1, any help would be appreciated. 

Hello, see if the attached will help.  It is probably a physical alignment issue on the SM side.  However, the tilt of the AP may also come into play.  I would recommend using LINKPlanner to calculate optimal tilt and to help with the install.

This video may also help.