450b running 16.2.3 connected 450m running needs firmware but no cnMaestro connection?

I have a 450b running 16.2.3 connected to a 450m running The 450b is in bridge mode. It is not connecting to cnMaestro for reasons unknown, all the settings seem to be OK. It is limited to 2x Wireless. I need to upgrade the firmware but if it’s not connecting to cnMaestro (3.2.0-r7) how can I upgrade the firmware?

Yes, the firmware is way to old to connect to cnMaestro and that’s also why it’s connecting at 2X. Please use CNUT to update it to a newer firmware revision.

Fortunately, I still had our VM with the previous version of Maestro available and was able to spin it up and get my 450b connected and upgraded. The issue is between v16 and the latest cnMaestro. Thanks for your input!

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What version of cnMaestro? We have a few 16.x and they connect fine to cnMaestro 2.x and 3.x. The cnMaestro user guide for 3.x says firmware version 15.0.1 for PMP will connect.

cnMaestro (3.2.0-r7)

What does the cnMaestro tab in the SM show for connection status?

Hey Greg3f, had another 16.2.3 turn up and now it will not connect to cnMaestro. We have had other issues with connections, but a first for this.