450b SM dhcp

I searched through the forum and didn't find anything exactly like this.  

I am currently working on setting up zero-touch configuration. I was successful with default SM grabbing option 66 tftp config, but now I am trying to use dhcp to give SM IP address and it will send dhcp request, but will not see the offer from the dhcp server. I currently have the dhcp server setup on the router that the AP is plugged into. since the dhcp is making it to the server from the SM, but not from the server to the SM, it would appear to be a firewall issue, but I have disabled everything on the router and removed all protocol filtering in the SM and AP. All other settings should be the default ones...SM is in bridge mode.  Anyone see this before?  

to add:  I can plug a laptop into the router port and get dhcp IP address.

I need a clairification here, Whether DHCP request from SM is reaching DHCP server and  DHCP server is responding with a DHCP Offer and the same is not reaching SM ? Do you have a packet capture from DHCP server, i would like to have a look. 

I just figured it out.  Dumb oversight.  Forgot I was using the access list in the SM.  It was blocking the dhcp server.


Glad you figured it out.  Thanks for posting this, and hopefully your insight might help another customer that may run into a similar issue.