450b SM reports lower signal than AP

Is anyone seeing 450b SMs reporting 6-10 dB lower rcv signal than the AP?  We have just started deploying the 450b SMs so we have only done a few so far.  But we are seeing this on both the mid and high gain versions.  The SNR seems consistent with a higher signal level, so I'm wondering if there is a calibration issue.  I've tried updating the AP firmware to 15.1.5 and that doesn't fix it.

The reason I mention calibration is that I remember back in the 430 days there were some date codes that were calibrated wrong at the factory and the SM read as much as 10 dB low.

Wait, do these things really have +27 dBm xmt power?  That would explain the difference.  Not sure how much good a ton of upstream power without corresponding downstream power.  Also now I'm not sure if the downstream performance is equal to what we were getting with a regular SM and a reflector dish.  I know Matt said maybe 1 dB less antenna gain than a 450d, but those were supposedly about 1 dB better than a reflector dish.

Does this combine magically somehow with the 450m and beamsteering?  We still don't get more EIRP though, do we?

Seems like this would be a killer PTP product though.

Hi Ken,

Yes you are correct the Rx power should be balanced (magically or otherwise) with a 450m AP and a 450b SM all meeting EIRP limitations for the FCC.I wasn't part of the 450b design so I'm not sure if this was expertly planned or just fortuitous !

Combined with the UL MU-MIMO (coming soon(ish)) changes it should make an, even more, killer PMP product combo.

best regards,