450i 3ghz complete configuration

Where is this at? I have the radios mounted, grounded and powered. Now I just need to know what to do with this, mainly the CBRS info…

Do you have you CPI? Do you have a cnMaestro cloud or on premise instance setup?

  1. Go into your cnMaestro instance and go to Network Services → CBRS and choose your SAS and enter in your payment information.

  2. For an AP, onboard it into cnMaestro first and upgrade the firmware. Then, enter in your CBSD information into cnMaestro and sign off on it using your CPI. After you sync cnMaestro CBSD manager with the AP, and the SAS approves your channel, channel width, and TX selections, it will authorize these or not and then sync with the AP. Assuming the SAS approves the request and the sync happens, the AP will then be allowed to transmit.

  3. For an SM, enter in your CBSD information into cnMaestro and sign off on it using your CPI. Hopefully the SAS will move it into an granted state allowing it to register to the AP. Then, after the SM has registered to the AP, onboard it into cnMaestro and update the firmware to the newest stable revision

Repeat steps 2-3 for every AP or SM you need to add.

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Yes, I have my CPI. Do I have to register/onboard an SM before it will link up and register with the AP?

Yes, like I said… you need to repeat steps 2-3 for every CBSD (either AP or SM) you add to the system.

An AP will not be allowed to transmit on the CBRS band until it is registered as a CBSD in cnMaestro and is authorized with the SAS to do so.

An SM will not be allowed to talk to an AP on the CBRS band until it is registered as a CBSD under that AP in cnMaestro and the SAS has authorized it to do so.

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There’s also a consolidated CBRS guide on the supporting documents for CNmaestro.


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OK, I have my 2 APs entered. However, I realize now that I made mistake on the antenna direction. How do I change that? When I try to delete from the inventory menu, I get the message “CBRS Procedure is in progress or CBRS status is not synced.”

No need to delete, just edit the CBSD, and re-certify it using your CPI.

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Eric - thanks for the help. I found it and corrected it.

Another first time issue here: I have my first SM (a 450B) in CnMaestro. In the Onboard menu, it is showing “waiting for device” in the status column. I can use the 450B and get online with it. What step am I missing? On the SM, I am getting this message for the connection status: " |ResolvingURL cloud.cambiumnetworks.com - Default Cloud URL|. It will flash to a diff error message sometimes: “not enough credentials…”