450i 900 AP Max Clients

I know there are alot of variables to this question but in general, how client can I expect to get on a 450i ap using cambium 60d degree sector with client signal all -70 or less using 7mhz channel and clients getting 4,6 or 8mbs speeds. 


I'd watch the frame utilization carefully during peak times as you load up the sector, but with a 7mhz channel and those plans, I'd probably guess around 20-30 clients. The best aggragate throughput you could hope with 7mhz and everyone at 256QAM would be around 40mbps. For signals around -70, a more realistic average would be a mix of clients connected at 64QAM and 16QAM, which gives you an aggragate sector capacity of around 26mbps. Assuming you're using a 75% frame ratio, then that gives you about 19mbps to play with on the downlink. Assuming we're using a conservative 6 to 1 oversubscription ratio that favors allowing some room for higher end plans, and our average customer is a 6mbps down, 1mbps up plan, then that gives us a max sector capacity of around 19 clients... if you go with a higher oversubscription ratio, like 10 to 1 that favors a mix of low to middle tier clients, then that allows for around 31 clients.

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I agree with Eric's statement, and as is often the case, the answer to this question, "How many clients can be supported by a sector?" really comes down to the expected User Experience.

How much oversubscription can the customer base tolerate?  Is it different for different customers?  Do you need to provide a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for certain customers?  Are they going to expect to see a certain number on a Speed Test (even during the busy hours)?

It really helps get a feel for this when experienced users (such as Eric) chime in with their answers, because they are living this every day.