450i 900 mhz antenna comparison

Hi there, curious to see if anyone has any real world insight as to the actual distance a 450i 900 Mhz raio can service. We have two of these radios in our network that we are only trying to reach people up to about 6 miles away and the radios work incredibly well. Our next radio deployment we are trying to reach customers up to about 15 miles away. This time we swapped out the Cambium 60 degree antenna with the KP performance 120 degree sector, both have the same dbi power rating. Any thoughts as to how well we can reach customers about 12-15 miles away? Mostly Non line of sight. 

On a side note: My experience so far with Link Planner and clutter for 900 mhz has been. When I add clutter I see many links do not work in link planner. BUT I have connected customers in NOLOS situations even when link planner says no, so I am thinking it would be great to get real world experience answers for this question rather than the standard "have you run it it link planner" answer. :)  The radio is on a hill that is about 200 feet higher than the target area we are shooting for. Thanks

I'd be very concerned getting 15mile nNLOS clients working at all. This is going to be a tough project for you. I'd suggest using a KP KPPA-900DP-FP 13.5dBi flat panel and use it as a small high-gain sector antenna, and then use their KPPA-900DPY17 17dBi yagi's on the client side. I hope your 900 spectrum is really clean, if it's not... then I wouldn't even bother with this project... it's going to be a big waste of time and money.

ALSO... LinkPlanner is good for planning LOS shots... but it's not going to give you reliable nNLOS results in most cases, even with clutter data... because the clutter data doesn't take into account the many different types and density of clutter... e.g. are they pine trees? leafy trees? is it winter or summer? etc...

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I think you hit the nail on the head, the link may be a lot more ambitious than I was thinking. Thank you for your insight Eric.