450i 900 Noise Floor-Channel Advice

So I am running on a 10 mhz channel currently and it is currently at 907. It is currently running very well but I want to make sure it is running at maximium potential. I am wondering what channel  you guys would recommend I run this AP, Below is a capture of my current noise floor. The higher bands are cleaner but there are spikes at the end of the band but they come a go. Also when selecting a channel using the 450i gear am I selecting the center channel so if I select 907 I am actually using 902-912 ? 

Looking at your spectrum graph, you look pretty safe to use anything there. The only channel that might be better is 920.

As for your other question, you are correct. You are using 902-912 when selecting 907 on a 10MHz channel.

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In my experience, you have to look at the spectrum on both sides.  The AP spectrum will show you noise that impacts the uplink, while spectrums from the SMs will show you noise that impacts the downlink.

The newer versions of software make this a lot easier, when you do a spectrum on the AP, it does a spectrum on the SMs as well, which removes the APs signal from their spectrum results.  The tricky part is that you have to do a spectrum on the entire cluster or the other APs in the cluster will show up on the AP spectrum.

If you're lucky, you'll have a nice empty spot on both the AP and the SM, but in some cases you have to decide whether uplink or downlink is more important.

923 is probably your best bet.