450i 900Mhz. Drone Footage

We recently had a chance to install some 450i 900Mhz. gear on a site to test out frequency reuse and tree penetration.  This site is located near a lake, and there are approximately 90 clients on FSK gear in this area, most of which are hidden deep in tree coverage.  The 450i 900 is looking very impressive.  We are seeing on 7mhz. channels, roughly 20 down by 4 up in heavy tree coverage.  Singles are similar, within a few dB of the original FSK gear.  We are still gathering data, and have been confirming operation during smart meter broadcasts, but it can definitely be considered as another great thing from Cambium.  I thought it would be neat to share a couple of our drone videos we took during the installation.

450i Install Video 1

450i Install Video 2


Hi Ben,

This is really cool footage, good to see the PMP 450i 900MHz performing. What model of drone did you use to shoot this?



This footage was shot with a Blade Chroma with a CGO2+ 1080p Camera.  I'm looking to purchase the Blade Chroma 4K next though.  I have more videos with this drone of our tower sites too, it's a very smooth drone with good quality video.

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Thanks, 4K would give some nice detail. I'd like to see any videos like this you have, so post away!

Are you testing video and voice in addition to Internet access? In short, many folks want to know "Will it do Netfilx?" - also, any comments from your customers on the new service?


We are still ramping up the testing in the area, so some of the customers in testing are still on their existing speed plan and haven't noticed a difference yet.  However, the reviews are starting to come in and sound good.  One particular customer said "There is a noticeable difference in the speed, it's faster."  I plan to have them test Netflix and let us know how it runs, and I can provide their responses.


Excellent footage ! Whats the height of your 450 gear in that video and who is manufacturer of tower? Considering a S/S putting up.

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The 450 gear is at around 145'.  This is a Rohn SSV tower.  We use those pretty much exclusively when deploying a new tower.

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