450i 900MHZ Randomly Dropping all SM's

Our 450i 900 Mhz Ap's v 14.1.1 will randomly drop all SM's and the only way to get them to re-register is reboot the AP.

Nothing in the Event log on AP when comparing it to the other unaffected AP's.

At first we thought it was just one AP but it has happened to all 450i sectors on the tower. They run fine with no apparent issues then just drop all subscribers. Happens one or twice per month.

This tower also has 2 PMP 100 Ap's that have not been converted yet. Timing and mode are set per the Planning Guide for compatibility. 

Anyone else seen this behavior? or any Ideas on why this may be happening?

Chris Hair

NTInet Inc

You might want to move up to firmware 14.1.2 as there was a mass SM drop issue that was resolved in this release. That being said, your problem doesn't sound exactly like the mass SM drop issue in that the SM's would drop, but then would reconnect.